Product Details - Spectra Recovery King Professional

What is Spectra Recovery King Professional Software ?

Spectra Recovery King Professional is a pioneer of the new breed of PC instant recovery software. Working like a time machine, Spectra Recovery King Professional allows computer users, regardless their skill levels, to easily and quickly fix computer problems in seconds by restoring back the PC in time. With Spectra Recovery King Professional, don’t waste your time troubleshooting PC problems, instantly undo your PC problems.

What can Spectra Recovery King Professional Do ?

Just to name a few things you can do with Spectra Recovery King Professional.

  • Recover deleted or corrupted files.

  • Revert files to earlier versions.

  • Restore entire system to a clean state after virus Infection.

  • Restore a crashed system in seconds.

  • Reset publicly shared system to clean, pre-configured states after each session.

  • Remove unwanted software installations.

  • Back out failed software deployment process.

  • Fix daily user or program errors.

  • Try out software products before actual deployments.

  • Complete removal of Trojan horse or hacker software.

How Does Spectra Recovery King Professional Works ?

Spectra Recovery King Professional works by creating (restoring, exploring) snapshots of the PC. Technically, a snapshot is a map of the hard drive sectors and the map's indexing system. In layman’s terms, a snapshot is a "picture" of the PC at a given time. Users can select a snapshot to recover files from or restore the entire system to.

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